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Reliability Supervisor

Location: Houston Area, TX
Date Posted: 01-11-2018
During the detailed engineering of the project, the Reliability Supervisor will work with the Maintenance Representative and the other members of the PMT to ensure maintainability and integrity of the design of the facilities from a mechanical perspective, and develop the knowledge base and environment that will be needed to achieve preventive maintenance and best in class reliability performance during operation.
During Commissioning Start-Up and Operation of the Plant, the Reliability Supervisor will report to the Maintenance Manager and act to:
  • (i)         achieve a safe and trouble free commissioning and start-up,
  • (ii)         Supervise and lead the Reliability Engineering team,
  • (iii)        Support Operations and Maintenance in their day to day activities,
  • (iv)        Facilitate implementation of a preventive maintenance culture,
  • (v)        Continuously improve maintenance organization capabilities to achieve best in class reliability,
  • (vi)        Maintain consistency and integrity of the rotating equipment components and systems, particularly in supporting plant modifications and minor betterment projects, and
  • (vii)       Support the implementation of a plant wide comprehensive technical and behavioral safety culture.
Internal factors:
  • Safety Performance, specifically shop and field construction safety performance
  • Plant Reliability & Availability
  • Maintenance organizational capabilities, knowledge base and know-how of maintenance mechanical supervisors, technicians, millwrights and planners.
External factors:
  • SHE compliance
  • Vendor support and know-how
Responsibilities AND Accountabilities
The Reliability Supervisor will have the accountabilities as outlined below for all rotating equipment and components: 
During Detailed Engineering:
Accountability 1: Ensure maintainability and integrity of the design and facilities from a mechanical perspective:
Most important activities:
  • Review selection of rotating equipment, with special attention on major machinery,
  • Verify and approve all applicable detailed engineering deliverables (equipment list, spare parts list, mechanical data sheets, cross sectional drawings, maintenance manuals, operating manuals, layout drawings, ….),
  • Ensure compressor pulsation and mechanical response analyses are completed accurately and within project schedule.
  • Guide discipline engineering on a daily basis, resolve all open and emerging questions, ensure adherence to general industry and project specific mechanical standards, and assist in approval of exceptions,
  • Work with the Maintenance and Reliability organizations of the existing LAO units to integrate their inspection, maintenance and reliability know how,
  • Analyze the Plant lay-out and unit sectional drawings, related to all mechanical equipment, and in particular to compressors and compressor building, and advise on modifications required to allow safe and efficient maintenance,
  • Oversee field construction, and verify proper installation of the rotating equipment components and systems, and the oversight of final commissioning of rotating equipment associated with maintenance or capital projects.
  • Define, develop and prepare purchasing of required spare parts.
  • Accountability 2: Develop knowledge base and environment to facilitate preventive maintenance and best in class reliability performance:
  • Most important activities:
  • Establish a thorough technical understanding of all rotating equipment components and systems,
  • Assemble, assimilate and classify all relevant vendor information pertaining to these rotating equipment components and systems,
  • Develop mechanical Maintenance technician training,
  • Define the spare parts, tools and facilities, and develop the inspection, repair and reconditioning procedures required to allow proper maintenance,
  • Prepare all mechanical aspects of the Plant pre-conditioning, commissioning and operating procedures to ensure correct and reliable functioning of all rotating equipment components and systems,
  • Advise on the development of all applicable third party maintenance service contracts,
  • Set up the mechanical maintenance part of the plant SAP system.
During Commissioning, Start-up and Operation:
Accountability 1: Assist in safe and trouble-free commissioning and start-up
  • Deliver mechanical Maintenance technician training, covering all technical information, and all reconditioning and repair procedures necessary for proper maintenance, 
  • Assist in mechanical component and system pre-conditioning,
  • Assist in safety walk-throughs and Plant facility commissioning activities,
  • Assist in start-up trouble shooting and problem solving,
  • Take an active role in punch list development and follow up on items within area of responsibility.
Accountability 2: Supervise and lead the Reliability Engineering team.
  • Supervise, develop, and provide performance feedback for the plant mechanical engineer and E&I engineer.
  • Provide engineering assurance – the right resources are in place, fully utilized, and included in decision making.
  • Develop, implement, and maintain a comprehensive reliability improvement program.
Accountability 3: Act as rotating equipment technical Subject Matter Expert in support of Maintenance and Operations.
  • Be on call to provide technical support when needed,
  • Perform root cause failure analysis (RCFA) on rotating equipment component and system failures, develop and recommend corrective action proposals.
  • Implement the vibration monitoring program to include data collection, analysis and interpretation of data, and implementation of corrective actions.
  • Advise and assist on-site mechanical technicians, planners and maintenance supervisors on rotating equipment component and system re-conditionings and repairs. Advise on modifications and improvements of maintenance re-conditioning and repair procedures and practices.
Accountability 4: Maintain consistency and integrity of all mechanical components and systems.
  • Take ownership of all mechanical related specifications and standards, and develop new ones where required or missing,
  • Ensure specifications and standards are followed for plant modifications and minor betterment projects,
  • Evaluate adequacy of plant inspection and testing programs to ensure integrity and availability of mechanical components and systems.
Accountability 5: Induce preventive maintenance, maintain and expand Rotating Equipment knowledge base, and drive continuous improvement of organizational capabilities to achieve best in class Reliability
  • Keep all relevant re-conditioning and repair procedures, vendor information, specifications and standards up to date, adapt to evolutions in available technology & lessons learned from corrective maintenance where appropriate,
  • Develop a risk based inspection program proposal,
  • Monitor critical equipment and assist in the development and implementation of Preventive Maintenance programs,
  • Gather and classify all data and information pertaining to rotating equipment component and system failures and failure frequencies,
  • Perform all necessary analysis, conduct all necessary investigations involving vendors and subject matter specialists as needed to identify failure modes, and classify all findings,
  • Develop and implement action plans to eliminate identified failure modes, including but not limited to modifications and changes to:
            - rotating equipment component and system specifications and standards,
            - Inspection, reconditioning and repair procedures, and
            - Mechanical technician / millwright training documents and programs,
  • Develop and deliver refreshment training for mechanical technicians / millwrights.
Accountability 6: Support plant modifications and minor betterment projects.
  • Participate as a technical adviser on maintenance turnarounds and minor betterment projects,
  • Review and approve all mechanical aspects of specifications of new equipment, and develop specifications for all new rotating equipment components and systems as introduced by such minor betterment projects,
  • Participate in pre-start-up safety reviews, and assist in punch listing, pre-commissioning and commissioning of all plant modifications and minor betterment projects.
Accountability 7:  Promote plant wide Safety Culture.
  • Understand and apply company HSE practices, policies and procedures,
  • Pro-actively demonstrate safe behaviors and demand safe behaviors from everybody associated with the Plant,
  • Comply with Process Safety Management requirements,
  • Participate and rigorously apply Management of Change procedure,
  • Participate where applicable in Job Risk Analyses (JRA), Process Hazard Analyses (PHA), HAZOP studies, Incident Investigations, and other safety studies,
  • Develop and document mechanical discipline specific JRAs,
  • Participate in plant safety observations, near miss and incident reporting, and other plant wide initiatives designed to drive Behavioral Safety.

Skills & Knowledge Required

  • a minimum BS degree in Mechanical Engineering and at least 7 years of experience as Maintenance or Reliability Engineer responsible for Rotating Equipment in chemical plants.
  • Project Engineering or Maintenance Supervision experience is a plus.

Technical skills

  • Strong engineering skills with a thorough knowledge of rotating equipment including pumps (single, multistage, membrane), compressors (screw, reciprocating), vacuum pumps (liquid ring pump, lobe pump).
  • Experience with vibration monitoring and analysis of complex rotary machines.
  • Detailed knowledge of mechanical standards as applied in petrochemical industry and knowledge of various Codes (e.g. API, ASME, ANSI, NFPA).
  • Basis knowledge of instrumentation and controls systems, and electrical power supply and distribution.
  • Complete understanding of the engineering documents associated with mechanical design and equipment.
  • Demonstrated technical capability to assess vendor quotes against project objectives.
  • Demonstrated capabilities to assess work sequencing optimize project planning, scheduling, and cost is a plus.
  • Experience with project cost and schedule control practices is a plus.
  • Knowledge and experience in setting up preventive maintenance plans on rotating equipment.
  • Ability to read P&IDs.
  • Prefer experience with SAP.
  • Fluent in English.

Behavioral skills

  • Safety minded, demonstrated strong safety and environmental performance,
  • Good people management skills (leadership, delegation and particularly networking and influencing skills),
  • Strong verbal as well as written communication skills (upward, lateral, and downward),
  • Strong ability to work with others, team builder,
  • Strong bias for action to identify potential problems and co-ordinate their resolution before they become an issue,
  • Ability to manage work priorities to deliver performance improvements and reliability in a demanding work environment,
  • Good analytical and organizational skills,
  • Stress resistant and methodical,
  • Problem solver and change agent,
  • Inspiring and motivating,
  • Self-motivated, self-starter; able to work with minimal supervision.

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