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Process Engineer

Location: IA, IA
Date Posted: 02-19-2018
  • Job Summary:

    The process engineer is responsible for monitoring the day-to-day operations of the plants and recommending changes for improvement. This can result in the engineer identifying an opportunity for improvement, recommending a solution, and directing implementation of the change. The process engineer has a direct impact upon organizational success by impacting “On-Stream Factor”, by assisting in process optimization, assuring safety and environmental compliance and by removing bottlenecks to allow better use of resources.

    Job Description:

    1. Insures the process is operated in a safe and environmentally compliant manner and endeavors to enhance and protect the safety of plant employees.
    2. Leads studies with technology licensors to improve plant capacity and reliability.
    3. Performs day to day monitoring and troubleshooting of plant to ensure plant production and efficiency is maximized.
    4. Recommends any operating adjustments via instrumentation, equipment, or chemical additions required to maintain specifications while optimizing the processes.
    5. Identifies problems and recommends solutions, especially geared toward reducing costs and increasing production capability. 
    6. Monitors key operating parameters to identify trends and to recommend changes.  This includes monitoring turbine and compressor efficiencies, cooling water surveys, catalyst surveys, distributed control system (DCS) trends, and laboratory results.
    7. The coordination of all assigned Process Safety Management related activities:
    • Initiates and follows up on Management of Change submittals.
    • Develops and organizes Process Safety Information in a way easily understood by production technicians.
    • Develops Standard Operating Conditions and Limits (SOCLs) within published guidelines for process changes.
    • Assists in training operators, especially on process changes
    8. Evaluates production technician suggestions and shares that evaluation with the suggestion originator, whether accepting the idea or not.
    9. Documentation, record keeping, and accurate, thorough communication (written and verbal) with co-workers, supervisors and other crews of technicians.  Includes initiating work orders, issuing process trial reports after evaluating test conditions, and summarizing activities in periodic reports.
    10. Maintain effective communication and working relationships with operations, maintenance, and other department personnel. 
    11. Assists in planning and implementation of plant turnarounds. Assist in plant startups and shutdowns.
    12. Other duties as assigned.

    Position Requirements:
    1. BS in Engineering, preferably Chemical or Mechanical with a minimum of 3 years of industrial experience.
    2. Ability to make verbal and written presentations to communicate ideas effectively. Expected to effectively communicate with and support  personnel at other locations.
    3. Expected to effectively communicate with outside vendors and contractors.
    4. Willing to travel approximately 10% of the time and work as needed to support the organization’s needs.
    5. Ability to work independently with minimal guidance. 
    6. Ability to recognize, troubleshoot and solve problems; it is expected that approximately 50 percent of time needs to be spent working in the field.
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