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Ammonia Superintendent

Location: IA, IA
Date Posted: 07-16-2018
  • Job Summary:

    The Ammonia Superintendent is responsible for ensuring that the ammonia plant is operated in a safe, environmentally compliant, and cost effective manner. This includes maximizing production and minimizing downtime while maintaining full EHS compliance. This position directs, develops, and manages the day-to-day ammonia plant activities to ensure the above stated goals are met. Planning, coordinating, communicating and controlling are major responsibilities of this position.

    Job Description:

    Key Job Elements:
    1.  Embraces safety and environmental stewardship as a core value of leadership.
    2. Develops and maintains effective relationships with other departments to obtain the required assistance in meeting departmental objectives.
    3. Administers the department budget.
    4. Develops and maintains effective employee relations.
    5. Maintains effective programs in safety, cost control and reporting and manpower training, development and utilization.
    6. Monitors plant operating conditions and takes necessary corrective actions to meet department objectives.
    7. Directs and/or recommends necessary changes to plant processes, equipment, procedures, or staffing to meet departmental objectives.
    8. Coordinates the performance of the ammonia plant.
    9. Prepares operating strategy to meet production plan.
    10. Coaches and develops Production Department Supervisors.
    11. Maintains effective communications and working relationships with employees throughout the plant.
    12. Mobilizes quickly without acting impulsively, showing good judgment.
    13. Acts on one’s own initiative and coordinates actions to plans of the Production Manager. 
    14. Works independently and under conditions of high interdependency.
    15. Develops and implements operational plans which deal with such activities as maintenance turnarounds and employee development programs as well as producing product in a timely and efficient manner.
    16. Responsible for supervision of other salaried employees as required.
    Position Requirements:
    1. Bachelor’s degree in chemical, mechanical or electrical engineering.
    2. Effective leadership/people skills.
    3. Process safety management experience including safety leadership and culture.
    4. Experience with Hydrocarbon processing or reforming or Synthesis gas production.
    5. Exposure to project management and implementation.
    6. Solid communication skills including the ability to effectively converse in English, compose written documents and interact effectively with peers and supervisors.
    7. Familiar with applicable codes, regulations and standards.
    8. Works in a safe manner that promotes the EHS goals of the plant and the company.
    9. Effective organizational, time management and communication skills.
    10. Physical capability, availability, willingness and ability to work in a team environment.
    11. Good interpersonal and influential skills.
    12. Computer proficiency in a Microsoft Windows environment.
    13. Strong analytical, troubleshooting and decision making skills.
    14. Self-motivated in advancing to the highest level possible.
    15. High functioning engineering knowledge and related work experience.
    16. Skills to teach and train employees in their career paths.
    17. Ability to promote development of employees.
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