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TS&D Engineer

Location: Houston, TX
Date Posted: 07-25-2017
  • Cover direct consultation with 10-30+ operating GAS/SPEC amine accounts
  • Handle inquiry simulations and responses for new specialty amine applications, often following through to start-up, RTO and continuing service of the plant.          
  • Learn and manage a specific functional area for the GAS/SPEC amine business, for example quality, compliance, or specific technology focus or research project based on interest.
  • Work closely with the GAS/SPEC commercial account manager for each customer account.           
  • Work closely with our channel to market distributor for each account managed.          
  • Learn and fully comply with our safety procedures and regulations, and those at third party sites.  Be willing to speak up, in a constructive manner, if you recognize any unsafe acts or conditions.

Level of Education & Experience
  • Bachelor’s Degree Chemical Engineering required.
  • 5+ years chemical industry experience required.
Technical Skills
  • Proficient in chemical reaction, and chemical unit operations (distillation, flash separation, compression, heat exchange), equipment sizing, and process simulation,
  • Understanding of chemical process control, safety in design, emergency relief and protective systems,
  • Understanding of process equipment sizing
  • Strength in process simulation (flow sheeting, fluid flow and heat exchange)
  • Fluent in English  (Second language is desirable)
  • Familiar or experience with Process simulation tools like ASPEN, Hysis, or most preferred ProTreat and ProMax.
  • Computer skills can include, SAP, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint,
Behavioral Skills and Capabilities
  • Excellent technical communication skills.
  • Self-motivated, self-starter; able to work with minimal supervision, but reaching out for help and guidance when needed.  Strong team environment with communication via all modes for technical responses to customers.
  • Strong sense of ownership in the business.
  • Inquisitive.
  • Creative and innovative, looking for continuous improvement.
  • Problem solver.
  • Enjoys travel and the occasional remote places in the world.
  • Can manage customers if operating problems are occurring in their plant, i.e. stressful situations.
Performance Indicators
  • TS&D Engineers work in a flexible team environment with a group business growth goal.  High performance can be seen in customer feedback, distributor feedback, and business growth of the region or sector related back to the work of the engineer.
  • Individual job growth occurs with number of customer accounts being managed, the volume of this business, and the EBITDA return generated from this business.  Additionally, simulation responses for gaining new opportunities and personal performance on specific business functional needs being managed by the engineer are another input measure of overall performance.
  • The GAS/Spec Technical group has a strong camaraderie and value strong performances, peer feedback on exceptional performance is common within the group.
  • Project work with Engineering and Customers on new plant development allows for project engineering work and skills in pre-phase 1 plant design.
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