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Plant Safety Manager

The Plant Safety Manager will ensure that we have the systems and knowledge to assess and mitigate hazards while preventing the recurrence of issues that may present hazards in the future. This position requires a combination of health and safety knowledge and an ability to create new processes and programs for situations that are specific to the company while collaborating with a cross-functional team.  Due to the sophistication of our equipment and the integration of software controls, proficiency with data and IT tools is also required.  This role provides an exciting opportunity to power the growth of our business as we leverage our new plant assets to enter new markets and to launch new products. 
Responsibilities Include: 

Developing Safety Systems and Programs 
•    Leading new safety initiatives based on analysis of incident data and feedback from employees. 
•    Working with external vendors to customize online tools for incident reporting, training, material safety data and work permits.  
•    Developing a robust framework for managing EHS documents including inspections and audit results shared with outside agencies. 
•    Benchmarking companies and operations with similar safety challenges to drive the adoption of the best practices within the industry. 
Providing Tools for Use Across the Organization 
•    Developing and providing safety training for new and existing employees. 
•    Identifying, evaluating and facilitating outside training for specific EHS topics. 
•    Generating and maintaining controlled documents describing our EHS procedures and standards. 
•    Identifying and assessing different options for ensuring safety, including personal protective equipment, engineering controls and operating procedures. 
•    Maintaining adequate stocks of safety equipment. 
Promoting Safety  
•    Soliciting feedback from employees to collect and address potential concerns. 
•    Conducting regular inspections of safety equipment and systems to ensure proper operation. 
•    Leading the investigation of environmental, safety and security incidents. 
•    Assessing the environmental, health and safety implications of proposed changes to products, processes, equipment, facilities, policies or programs. 
•    Working with other functional leaders to find solutions to safety concerns in their respective areas. 
Managing External Relationships 
•    Leading interaction with external agencies that enforce compliance with EHS regulations. 
•    Facilitating inspections to ensure a clear and accurate representation of our EHS performance. 
•    Working with government agencies and our corporate EHS staff to understand the implications of upcoming regulations. 
•    Building relationships with community stakeholders who are integral to our disaster response plans, including fire and police agencies. 
•    Leveraging resources at our parent company to share best practices and to simplify reporting and compliance. 
Job Requirements:  
Our successful team members have a lot of enthusiasm, passion and excitement for what we do at our company.  They also have the ability to interface with project leaders and to drive critical, strategic initiatives to success.  Like most leaders within the Operations team, the Plant Safety Manager will interface daily with a number of cross-functional teams and will collaborate at multiple levels of the organization to generate solutions.  Strong candidates for this position should fulfill the following criteria: 
•    Bachelor’s Degree in Occupational Health & Safety or a related field. 
•    Certified Safety Professional (CSP) certification. 
•    Three to five years of experience promoting health and safety at a site operating under OSHA’s Process Safety Management (PSM) program. 
•    Proven ability to develop safety programs and drive accountability across operations teams while mitigating risks to resources and deadlines. 
•    Ability to maintain composure under pressure and to make effective decisions quickly. 
•    Understanding of EHS regulations relevant to our operating locations and industry, including zoning, utilities, fire codes, hazardous material handling, air emissions and wastewater discharge. • Experience with incident investigations and disaster response. 
•    Demonstrated proficiency with structured problem-solving tools, including the 5 Whys, Ishikawa diagrams and Pareto analysis. 
•    Enthusiasm for teamwork at multiple levels and across multiple functions of the organization. 
•    Proficiency with the Microsoft Office suite of applications. 
•    Strong written and oral communication skills. 
•    Rigorous attention to detail. 
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