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Technical Services Manager

Seattle area, WA · Manufacturing


  •  Work directly with customers

  • Complaints, technical questions visits, tours, quality audits, etc.

  • New product and grade development
  • Coordinate competitive analysis, grade inquiries, etc.
  • Projects such as the grade mix team TECHNICAL SUPPORT OF OPERATIONS
  • Complaint investigations
  • Pl data historian
Create new tags, modify tags, Switchboard updates, data mining, etc.
  • Held paper and pulp and disposition
  • Projects such as the new refiner trials QUALITY IMPROVEMENT
  • Lead Quality Team
  • Projects such as the OCC Quality Team and Olympic 15 fiber properties PROCESS IMPROVEMENT
  • Lean Six Sigma Projects (Green Belt) - sizing improvement
  •  Production, furnish and chemical budget and forecast DATA MANAGEMENT
  • Fiber yield tracking, FSC Factors, 0CC and M&D targets, 0CC and M&D usage by grade
  • Morning reports and presentations
  • Data collection and analysis as needed

Minimum Requirements:

  1. Education Level Required: A minimum of Bachelor of Science in Pulp & Paper, Chemical Engineering or equivalent.
  2. Experience Required: 10-12 years in pulp and paper manufacturing or equivalent. Supervisory and team facilitation experience necessary.
  3. Knowledge Required: Must be proficient in pulp and paper processes, chemical engineering skills, analytical techniques and statistical mathematics. Working knowledge of applicable environmental regulations. Demonstrated skills in project management, permit negotiations, and public relations.
Karissa Fenstermacher
Manufacturing Recruiter
The Executive Group
1645 Parkhill Dr. Suite 4
Billings, MT 59102

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