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Production Supervisor


Job Description:

  • Embraces safety and environmental stewardship as a core value of leadership.
  • Supports site Process Safety Management program through maintaining process safety information, participating in HazOps/PHAs, ensuring standard operating procedures and SOCLs are current and accurate, and proposing and coordinating MOC activities.
  • Develops and maintains effective relationships with other departments to obtain the re­quired assistance in meeting departmental objec­tives.
  • Develops and maintains effective employee rela­tions. Assist the Production Superintendent in establishing and administering an effective training program based on correct and complete information to support the development of technicians and supervisors.
  • Supports the administrative tasks associated with overseeing the training program for the production department, i.e., recordkeeping, training, and team building. Encourages a complete and thorough skill, knowledge, and understanding development of the technicians to train and develop into fully qualified operators. Assists the operations department with advice, guidance, and expertise in operating procedure, technique, troubleshooting, and problem solving as appropriate.
  • Assist with maintaining effective programs in safety, cost con­trol and reporting, and manpower training, develop­ment, and utiliza­tion.
  • Coordinates activities to insure that all technicians thoroughly understand safe operating procedures, safe work habits, housekeeping procedures and emergency, firefighting, and first aid techniques and procedures.
  • Assists with monitoring plant operating conditions and coordinates nec­essary corrective actions to meet department objectives.
  • Recommends necessary changes to plant pro­cesses, equipment, procedures, or staffing to meet departmen­tal objectives.
  • Supports internal control processes by approving work requests, setting maintenance priorities, and assisting in turnaround planning, as well as approving requisitions. 
  • Analyzes near-term operating problems and recommends appropriate corrective action.
  • Maintains close, effective communication and working relationships with the Shift Supervisors, Production Superintendent, and Production Manager.
  • Follows specific instructions and procedures, but also able to act on one’s own initiative.
  • Works independently and under conditions of high inter­dependency.
  • Maintains effective communications and working re­lationships with employees throughout the plant.
  • Mobilizes quickly without acting impulsively, show­ing good judgment.
  • Other duties as assigned by the Production Superintendent or Production Manager
Required Qualifications:
  • B.S. Engineering and/or 7+ years of experience in a chemical manufacturing facility.
  • Effective leadership skills.
  • Exposure to project management and implementation.
  • Solid communication skills including the ability to effectively converse in English, compose written documents and interact effectively with peers and supervisors. Familiar with applicable codes, regulations and standards.
  • Effective organizational, time management and communication skills.
  • Physical capability, availability, willingness, and ability to work in a team environment.
  • Good interpersonal and influential skills Strong computer related skills.
  • Work in a safe manner that promotes the health and well-being of the individual and the environment.
  • Strong analytical, troubleshooting and decision making skills.
  • Self-motivated in advancing to the highest level possible.
  • High functioning engineering knowledge and related work experience
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