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Sr. Process Engineer

The Process Engineer is responsible for the plant operating as safe and reliable as possible with optimum efficiency. All assigned projects are implemented in accordance with good engineering practices. The role will provide technical support and service to operations as directed. Additionally, this position will collaborate with other engineers throughout the company to share best practices and execute a world class mechanical integrity program at the Complex.

Job Description:

  • Provides a good knowledge and understanding of the operating principles and procedures for various process equipment and the effects of process parameters on production.
  • Identifies sources of plant issues coordinating and implementing changes to operating processes.
  • Provides a working knowledge of the maintenance activities in order to determine what can be done while on-stream and what must be deferred to a shutdown period.
  • Provides detailed engineering support to monitor and progress the Management of Change process.
  • Provides capital process engineering detailed design and supervise engineering consultants during the course of the engineering, including the commissioning phase.
  • Participates in the revalidation of the Process Hazard Analyses.
  • Actively participates in turnaround and/or plant shutdown activities. This does include planning, implementation and verification stages.
  • Works closely with Production Personnel.
  • Manages projects as necessary for plant support.
  • Actively participates in incident investigations as needed.
  • Develop mechanical system design solutions based on engineering principles and be involved in presentation of solutions to operations and maintenance.
  • Oversee capital projects and support resources to ensure safe, timely delivery of projects using allotted budget.
  • Must be able to perform calculations related to evaluating existing and sizing PSV’s.
Internal Controls:
  • Establishes and implements processes and procedures to meet departmental internal controls requirements. 
  • Ensures that established processes/procedures are followed as designed. 
  • Works with Internal Controls Department to identify deficiencies in existing processes/procedures, the need for new ones, and the extent to which such processes/procedures are being followed. 
  • Develops and implements corrective actions with regard to department internal controls as necessary.
Required Qualifications:
  • BS degree in chemical engineering.
  • Chemical engineering experience in a production, manufacturing or plant environment. Exposure to project management and implementation.
  • Solid communication skills including the ability to effectively converse in English, compose written documents and interact effectively with peers and supervisors.
  • Familiar with applicable codes, regulations and standards.
Successful Incumbents will have:
  • Effective organizational, time management and communication skills
  • Physical capability, availability, willingness, and ability to work in a team environment.
  • Good interpersonal and influential skills.
  • Strong computer related skills.
  •  Works in a safe manner that promotes the health and well-being of the individual and the environment
  • Strong analytical, troubleshooting and decision making skills.
  • Self-motivated in advancing to the highest level possible.
  • High functioning engineering knowledge and related work experience

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