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Maintenance Mechanic (2nd Shift)

Primary Purpose:
Prevent breakdown of equipment, reduce machine downtime, and provide periodic servicing of equipment.
Daily Task: 
  • Install new equipment by planning and layout, step-by-step action plan for installation of new equipment or process changes.
  • Disassemble/inspect/repair equipment to determine source of equipment failure and replace worn/damaged parts.
  • Trouble and adjust operating equipment to determine source of equipment failure and make adjustment to improve machine performance.
  • Lubricate moving parts on equipment to insure they do not wear prematurely and meets specifications.
  • Weld and fabricate parts to alter machine operations, make protective guard for moving parts, or repair/fabricate broken parts.
  • Operate machine shop equipment to make replacement parts and operate machine tools.
  • Complete pipe fittings and plumbing to maintain, repair all piping and plumbing systems for hydraulic, pneumatic and facilities equipment.
  • Identify correct parts and components needed to repair equipment.
  • Maintain tools to make sure correct tool is used for the job.
  • Interpret blue print/diagram to determine how equipment is installed.
  • Know equipment safety procedures to make sure equipment safety guards are properly installed. Maintained and safe practices are followed by all mechanics and operators.
  • Must be knowledgeable of solvents, oils, greases, and chemicals used in maintenance of equipment to avoid food contamination.
  • All Maintenance personnel work must be recorded/initialed on a daily basis in the “Department Maintenance Log Book”.
  • Must make a list of parts used or required for inventory monitor.
Quality Checks:
  • Check equipment to ensure it is functioning properly and running product correctly.
  • Check product as it is being run to meet quality requirements.
Good Manufacturing/Housekeeping Practices:
  • Pick up oil spills in maintenance shop with floor dry. Properly dispose of oil dry.
  • Maintain shop area in an organized fashion. 
Safety Procedures: 
  • Must be physically healthy and able to perform the lifting, reaching, climbing and all other physical labor as required by the job, and follow all safety requirements by asking for assistance when needed. 
Communication with other employees: 
  • Mechanics/Operators-Verbal and written-Communication about on-going problems with certain equipment or issues, which developed during shift and resolutions to be made. 
Problem solving: 
  • Equipment failure-help identify what is wrong, steps needed to repair, understand causes, periodically tear down pars which failed to see what causes are.
  • Resources-help identify most effective means to repair equipment or improve general maintenance performance. 
Skill/Character Pre-Requisites: 
  • Applicant must be adequately literate to perform the job.
  • Must be physically capable of performing the job as required.
  • Must be physically capable of performing the lifting required up the 100# limit.
  • Must work as a team player as well as self-motivated.
  • Must exhibit safe work behaviors so as not to jeopardize him/herself or others.
  • Willing to do additional duties as assigned.
  • Maintain a neat and clean area.
  • Be a responsible, self-motivated, punctual and reliable individual.
  • Must be able to obtain a forklift licenses and abide by the forklift rules.
  • Applicant will have a trial of 90 days to demonstrate their abilities.

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