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Pulp, Power & Recovery Technical Supervisor

WA, WA · Manufacturing
Responsible for day to day operation and maintenance of the Recaust department and provide process optimization expertize in the pulp mill and power and recovery departments.
Essential Functions
  1. Demonstrates safe behavior and work practices.  Ensures mill and contracted personal are working within job safety requirements and standard operating procedures.
  1. Provides guidance to kiln operators and shift foreman to support mill’s safety, environmental, production, and reliability goals.
  1. Troubleshoot day to day issues in recaust and write WOs that are prioritized for execution with the maintenance team
  1. Update recaust documentation including standard operating procedures, lockout procedures, and training documentation
  1. Develop operations plan for recaust annual shutdown and lead major maintenance on kiln repairs such as de-scaling, brick replacement and tire maintenance/inspection during yearly outage.
  1. Assist pulp mill in optimizing batch digester cook recipes, peroxide bleaching optimization, kraft mill chemical make-up comparison analysis among other optimization/improvement projects
  1. Research and analyze possible equipment upgrades/improvement that improve mill run ability or cost savings
  1. Utilize Management of Change process when implementing equipment changes or major process changes
  1. Special projects or work as required.
  1. Problem Solving/Analysis
  2. Time Management
  3. Communication Proficiency
  4. Teamwork
Supervisory Responsibility
This position indirectly supervises Kiln Operators.
Responsibility and Authority
Day to day operation of the recaust department
Materials or Products:    Recaust and Pulp mill raw materials and chemicals
   Production of white liquor
              Equipment:    All equipment in the Recaust department
                  Money:    Responsible for & accountable to the Pulp Mill annual operating budget. 
   Business Contacts:    (External and Internal)
             External: Chemical supply representatives, repair contractors, parts vendors,                equipment OEMs and other experts.
                  Internal:  Communication typically up through operations manager; majority within
 backend and maintenance
Minimum Requirements  
Equiv. Ed. Level Required: Degree in Engineering, Chemistry, Pulp and Paper Science or commensurate level of pulp and paper experience and training  
Experience Required: Five years’ experience in the pulp and paper industry. Experience in recaust/kiln preferred. Excellent written and verbal communication and leadership skills.  
Knowledge Required: Working knowledge in order to manage employee relations, materials & products and equipment under “Responsibility & Authority” section.  
Karissa Fenstermacher
Manufacturing Recruiter
The Executive Group
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